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2017 Verdelho wins 2 trophies at the Hunter Valley Wine Show!!

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Our 2017 Verdelho won 2 trophies! 

-at the Hunter Valley Wine Show


Best Hunter Valley Verdelho (Classes 3, 10, 27 & 34) 



Best Wine chosen by the International Judge.
Elaine Chukan Brown

Here is what she had to say about the wine…..

“As International Judge for the Hunter Valley Wine Show I was asked to select a stand out wine from the week that delivered for me top quality, was compelling, and also a sort of surprise – a reflection of what I learned or didn’t expect in traveling to the region. Over the course of the tastings I considered five different possible wines and by the end realized that while the others came in and out of consideration there was one that was always among the top. Once I selected and the wines were revealed I couldn’t have been happier than to give the Silver Bullet Trophy to Angus Vinden and Vinden Estate for their 2017 Verdelho. It’s the first time Verdelho has received the award and it was an honor too to discover how that serves too as an affirmation of the work of Verdelho’s early champions in the region.” 

Elaine Chukan Brown – Hawk Wakawaka Wine Reviews, Sonoma, California.